I have a dream, to step aside for a moment into a world where there is no evil. A world where there are no boundaries or divides. A world where jealousy and greed are unheard off. A world where everyone helps each other to move forward and upward continually, not unlike being the wings for a friend in distress. A world where we all recognize that we are parts of the same body carrying out different functions. A return to paradise, heaven on earth. How wonderful will it be?

'Life is beautiful' soundtrack ~ 'Beautiful that way' song ~ by 'Noa'

Alas, I look around and see that the entire world seems to be living in disharmony. One where we are taught that being successful means finding our names on the Top 100 Forbes list or one of the 100 such "top" lists. What one can see around is a cut-throat world where reaching the top of the ladder is of utmost priority, even if it has to be at the cost of stamping others down the ladder. There is no time to spare for the hurting or to heal or to love. A popular refrain comes to mind, "all that technology and science seems to have effected is to make our houses bigger but hearts smaller and countries more powerful but equally more susceptible".


Yes, many tend to get so included....that we don't stop a bit to think about those who are hurting. Thanks for stopping by K, keep the HOPE burning though.


What you write here is very true, and very sad. I think it's all too easy to forget that we could have been anybody, and that anybody else could have been us. That attacks in NE India, Pakistan, etc have almost become non-news is tragic. It's too easy to hate and too hard to understand.