While in this zone, it'll be proper to also address the ghastly and bloody wars that have been fought over political boundaries, even while billions are still being invested into building the most elaborate security mechanisms.
Through the course of history, kings and rulers of the stronger nations have only been concerned about extending their territories and filling their own coffers at the expense of other nations. Egypt, Rome, Greek and many more civilizations were considered great primarily because of how big their "civilizations" were. More recently, we are quick to point out the flaws of Hitler and Stalin, but in the same vein, it's also true that the English crown was the cause for much bloodshed before they started "civilizing" societies they occupied.

The same can be seen all the more with countries in our current global world. The richer countries are aware of their power and superiority and will take every given opportunity to remind the lesser nations of their might. Why don't we realize that in this circle of life, everything goes around and we'll need to lean on each other for support at some time or the other. It will be better for the world if moving forward; we can be a bit more accommodating of growing countries and help everyone in the world have access to the most basic facilities. If not for anything else, just to realize that we could have been born anywhere. We could have been in some slum where there is no sense of decency for the self or no shelter provided, where "a laptop for a child" will not help in anyway.

The world will be a better place if we could stop for a moment and realize that we could have been born into any religion and in any country.


Yes, many tend to get so included....that we don't stop a bit to think about those who are hurting. Thanks for stopping by K, keep the HOPE burning though.


What you write here is very true, and very sad. I think it's all too easy to forget that we could have been anybody, and that anybody else could have been us. That attacks in NE India, Pakistan, etc have almost become non-news is tragic. It's too easy to hate and too hard to understand.