Here is my case: What if someone was born in a small tribal village where there has been no contact with the outside world and they had no oppurtunity to learn about any religion. On what basis will they be judged. Christians might argue that the world will not end till the gospel has reached that village and hindus might say that they will continue to be reborn till they cross the different stages. That's missing the point, the present. If Jesus or Brahman or Allah were here, they'd much rather have us think of everyone as God's own and treat each other with the same respect and love. Rather, we tend to think of ourselves as the superior race deep down and the other as the ignorant one. With this comes the religious segregation at different levels of our consciousness.
It is even sadder to see people say that a person is suffering because of his or her religious beliefs and we'll not share in their misery until they come to the "awakening". The question is to determine who really needs awakening. Being a Christian, I sometimes feel that if Jesus were to be born again and was he to challenge the teachings of the new testament, he would be crucified by the very people who claim to follow him.
The greatest religions have liberated its people from years of being controlled by the law and rules laid down from ancient books. Rules are meant to serve people! When people forget why they follow rules and use it as a tool for hate, only one this is certain, change is inevitable.
A truly godly person is one who helps another person in his/her time of need on this journey called life. To quote Pope John Paul II, one who supported religious tolerance and asked for forgiveness for the intolerance of previous popes,

"Religious tolerance is based on the conviction that God wishes to be adored by people who are free: a conviction which requires us to respect and honor the inner sanctuary of conscience in which each person meets God."


Yes, many tend to get so included....that we don't stop a bit to think about those who are hurting. Thanks for stopping by K, keep the HOPE burning though.


What you write here is very true, and very sad. I think it's all too easy to forget that we could have been anybody, and that anybody else could have been us. That attacks in NE India, Pakistan, etc have almost become non-news is tragic. It's too easy to hate and too hard to understand.